2008 Seafood Champions

Association du Grand Littoral Atlantique (AGLIA)

AGLIA has worked together for several years with the French Comité National des Pêches Maritimes et des Elevages Marins to promote selective devices and to organize large scale trials at sea. The project has successfully engaged all the fishermen from the Bay of Biscay nephrops’ fishery, about 250 trawlers, and reduced the catch of undersize nephrops and other marine life.

Mr. Mike Mitchell (Foodvest)

Mike Mitchell is an expert in seafood traceability and sustainability with Foodvest with over 25 years of experience in the seafood industry. He helped establish Young’s as the number one provider of MSC products to the UK’s retail sector. Additionally, he bridges the science and fishing sectors through his work with the European Seafood Processors Association (AIPCE).

Mary Smith

As Marketing Manager at Plitt Company, Mary Smith was instrumental in their achieving Marine Stewardship Council Chain of Custody certification in 2008. Since 2010 Mary has been Marketing Manager at Santa Monica Seafood, where she has championed such sustainability initiatives as a Responsible Sourcing Vendor Program that financially supports fishery, food safety, and edutcation programs; and the inclusion of sustainability ranking on all customer invoices.

Chef Barton Seaver and Hook Restaurant

Executive chef Barton Seaver and his team at Hook Restaurant embody seafood sustainability for the restaurant industry. Hook is a 100 percent sustainable, fish-focused restaurant opened by Seaver in spring 2007. In that short time, Seaver and his staff at Hook have won a reputation for creative sustainability by embracing new, responsibly sourced fish species and by utilizing the restaurant as a forum for educating diners on sustainability.

Sunburst Trout Co.

Sunburst Trout has a constant eye on conservation and a theory of “waste not, want not.” Owner Sally Eason has created a company that uses every aspect of a trout and composts all waste. A waste product 20 years ago – the eggs – are now the most valuable product, being made into nationally acclaimed trout caviar. Regionally and nationally, the company is a strong voice for promoting economic and sustainable growth in aquaculture.

Mr. Bart van Olphen (Fishes)

Retail shop Fishes began when Mr. Bart van Olphen began selling fresh, sustainable seafood after witnessing many of the problems in the seafood industry at the Fish Auction of Scheveningen in the Netherlands. Fishes was the first continental European retail fish shop to obtain MSC Chain of Custody Certification. Van Olphen has since expanded to a wholesale company focused exclusively on MSC-certified fish, restaurants and a catering branch serving fish products with similar sustainability credentials, and operating retail branches in Holland, Germany and Belgium.

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