2010 Seafood Champions

The Co-operative

The Co-operative traces its roots back to 1844 and is now the United Kingdom’s leading mutual retailer. It is democratically run by its members in order to meet their common needs and aspirations. In turn, the strength and commitment of the membership is vital in helping The Co-operative achieve its goals. Instead of blindly chasing profits, like some shareholder-controlled businesses, The Co-operative steers its business in a more responsible direction.

Howard Johnson

Howard Johnson has 40 years of experience and expertise across all sectors of the global seafood market. His work during the last decade has focused on forging a productive dialogue on sustainability between seafood industry and the conservation community. In publications, speaking engagements and conferences, Johnson has continuously highlighted the need for all industry sectors to adopt sustainable seafood programs and policies.

KLM In-Flight Services

KLM Inflight Services is responsible for safety and security, cabin crew and service on board all KLM flights. In addition, KLM Inflight Services is responsible for catering of meals and drinks as well as Inflight Sales on board. KLM is the first airline in the world to experiment with implementing its sustainability strategy in the meals it provides on board, striving to serve sustainable fish in World Business Class at least two out of four cycles per year.

Réseau des Journalistes pour une pêche responsable en Afrique de l’Ouest (REJOPRAO)

The West African Journalists Network for Responsible Fisheries (REJOPRAO) is an organization of journalists from West Africa whose main objective is to increase awareness with the public, decision makers and fishing industry representatives on the importance of sustainable fisheries and the role of ecosystem management. REJOPRAO does this through field inquiries, media programs and publications on fair and sustainable fisheries. The organization’s work focuses in particular on interactions with coastal fishing communities, helping to represent voices that often get lost in the global discussion of sustainable fisheries.

Helene York

As an educator, writer, supply chain manager and director of the Bon Appétit Management Company Foundation, Helene York keeps marine resource conservation at the forefront of her many responsibilities. In 2005, she developed a comprehensive sustainable seafood procurement policy for Compass Group North America, the parent company of Bon Appétit Management Company, and helped manage the policy’s internal implementation for three years.

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