Victor Hamusa Kargbo at workVictor Hamusa Kargbo has been at the forefront of reducing and stopping illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing in Sierra Leone. Victor’s bravery and determination led to the arrest of two large-scale fishing vessel operators that export to the EU who were fined more than US $300,000 for their crimes. He is passionate about marine conservation and a staunch advocate for sustainable fisheries in the West Africa region and beyond.


“It is a great honor to receive the Seaweb Seafood Champions Award. I am proud to have my work to protect Sierra Leone’s marine resources recognized in this way. It is reassuring to know that people around the world are watching us combat IUU fishing. I truly hope that this award will help focus attention on this important issue and spur us to work together with more urgency and zeal. The fight against illegal fishing requires a long-term commitment and I hope that the Seafood Summit in Hong Kong will bring people together to develop solutions to this issue.”

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