Yao Ming head shotYao Ming is a former US National Basketball Association star turned conservationist and an Ambassador for WildAid’s global shark campaign which educates consumers through mass media campaigns reaching up to 1 billion people every week in China. Yao encourages decision makers from all levels of Chinese society to “Say No” to shark fin soup and to actively participate in shark conservation.


“I am genuinely honored to have been selected as a 2012 Seafood Champion. For several years now, I’ve been working with the international conservation group WildAid to lower the demand for animal products derived from endangered species. Its encouraging to see how many people have been supportive of our campaign to reduce pressure on the world’s sharks by saying ‘no’ to shark-fin soup. But that is just the start. We must remain dedicated to the critical task of protecting our planet’s ecosystems. To that end, we will endeavor to educate the public on what we all can do to ensure a sustainable future for ourselves, for animals in the wild and for the rich diversity of marine life in our planet’s seas.”

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