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F&L150Anova Food, LLC launched its Fishing & Living (F&L) Initiative in 2010.  Its first effort was to implement FIPs and begin the process of working toward MSC certification of Indonesian Handline Yellowfin tuna and improved fishing practices in longline fisheries. However, Anova’s team felt that truly sustainable fisheries address not only the environmental aspects of the fishery, but also the local community development and the wellbeing of the fishers.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATheir innovative approaches included teaching sustainable fishing concepts to local university students, placing them in permanently staffed Fishermen Centers in small villages and implementing social programs, beach clean-ups, safety-at-sea guidebooks, conservation awareness, alternative livelihood programs, and a pilot project for implementing Fair Trade standards for capture fisheries. They have also engaged in efforts beyond the water’s edge with donations to local schools and orphanages such as books, sporting equipment, water filtration systems and English classes. By taking on this role, F&L became a leader in mobilizing and engaging a range of stakeholders: from fishers and local suppliers to universities, government and NGOs.  F&L has distinguished itself from other seafood sustainability initiatives through its conviction that fisheries improvements go hand in hand with community development.

About Anova Food

Anova Food, LLC leads the U.S. market for wild, sustainably harvested tuna. Its commitment to healthy fisheries and coastal fishing communities inspired the company to create its own sustainability and social initiative: Fishing & Living. This initiative engenders the values that Anova Food believes are essential: caring for our natural resources as well as caring for local fishermen and their families. Through this innovative approach, Anova Food has become a leader in mobilizing and engaging stakeholders to drive meaningful change and optimism for a more responsible future. Anova Food recently partnered with Fair Trade USA to create the first Fair Trade program for wild-caught seafood.

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