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UMassLogo_squareUMass Dining, a campus food service provider, serves 45,000 meals per day and purchases $850,000 of sustainable seafood per year.  It is the largest dining-services operation in the country. UMass Dining students consume nearly 21 pounds per year of seafood per person, well over the national average of 14 pounds.

students_smThis gives UMass Dining a unique responsibility to not only source foods that are socially and ecologically responsible but to educate their industry. All seafood served through their program is certified sustainably sourced using Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch guidelines. UMass has gone beyond this by incorporating locally-sourced underutilized seafood, into their programs to reduce their environmental impact, save endangered fish populations, and increase the resiliency of the New England fishing industry.

Umass students_smUMass’s long-range goal is to decrease the start-up energy and financial burden involved in doing this, so that other institutions may use their regional food supplies. UMass Dining also hosts dozens of special events each semester in order to effectively market new aspects of their program to the student body.


 About UMass Dining

As the largest food-service operator in the United States, UMass Dining recognizes its responsibility to not only source foods that are socially and ecologically responsible, but to also educate students & industry peers about the importance of creating resilient food systems on land and at sea. At UMass Dining, our goal is to move beyond sustainability on a global scale by serving as a model for institutions to follow worldwide. Each day we work with students and stakeholders to increase the sustainability of our campus foodservice facilities and operations, propelling the sustainability movement on campus and in our communities.

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