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mdpilogoMDPI’s vision for a better future includes both the health of the fisheries and the coastal communities that rely on them. In 2013 MDPI evolved from Anova Food LLC Fishing & Living program and is focused on improving fishing practices, fishery management, fisher welfare, community development, value chain, and food safety.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMDPI believes successful management of fisheries is only possible if accurate and timely data is available, and has supported data management committees and fisheries data collection programs around Indonesia to gather data on interactions with endangered, protected and threatened species. MDPI provides scientific, social and community development activities for fishing communities, including sessions on seafood safety and quality, adopt-a-school events and general support of the implementation of clean water systems in schools and

MDPI_2013_Tuna lestari 1st meeting2_allMDPI also supports and manages local FIPs working towards MSC certification. They work with the fisheries on the ground to improve data collection, development of localized management systems and improvements to fishing methods. In addition, MDPI has implemented the Fairtrade standard in multiple sites over the past six months, with the expectation that handline yellowfin tuna will be the first Fairtrade certified wild-caught fish. This makes MDPI the first implementer of this standard worldwide.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFinally, MDPI works to implement the Improving Fisheries Information and Traceability in Tuna (IFITT) program, which coordinates fisheries data and supply chain information to enable better management. MDPI dares to extend their scope beyond the seas and into the homes and communities that depend on fisheries to bring about healthy stocks, healthy seas and healthy livelihoods.

About Masyarakat dan Perikanan Indonesia Foundation

MDPI is an independent Indonesian foundation focused on achieving responsible and sustainable fisheries activities and attempting to provide ongoing care for the conservation of fisheries resources and ecosystems of Indonesia and the region. These attempts towards sustainability are specifically focused on small scale, artisanal fisheries. MDPI additionally focuses on supporting the development of the fishing communities and supply chains which are related to these fisheries, through programs which aim to support economic improvements and social stability for the people.

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“There are no competitors in sustainability, only friends and partners of which MDPI is one amongst many”
—Aditya Utama, Director MDPI, April, 2014

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