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Ayumu Katano serves as a deputy general manager at a major Japanese fishing company. His advocacy work comes from his personal view and opinion. As part of his work, Ayumu noticed the growth and expansion of Norway’s fisheries, while Japanese fisheries collapsed during the same period. In response, he began writing a series of influential articles about the need for resource management in a widely distributed business magazine.

KatamoLectureHis mission is to transform the seafood industry and has been a pioneer in raising awareness and bringing change to Japan. He writes regularly in the magazine “Wedge Infinity” and his books “Where Has the Fish Gone?” and “Reviving Japan’s Seafood Industry” explain in simple everyday language the issues around fishing management for the Japanese business audience. He lectures across Japan to economists, media, politicians, wholesalers, and other interested parties about the potential of the Japanese seafood industry. By bringing a business voice to the conversation from within one of the world’s largest fishing corporations, Ayumu has lent the entire Japanese movement credibility as well as realistic business targets.

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“I will be a unique position about seafood sustainability. More than 20 years as an importer I have been to Norway, other Northern European countries every year . I have seen the development of seafood industries in these countries. I found out the very clear differences and the reason why Japanese seafood industries and local area once prospered very much due to heavy landing of fish are declining.   What I am trying to do is to provide unknown reality in the world with Japanese who will take action to change.”
—Ayumu Katano

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