Finalist, Seafood Champion Awards Advocacy Category
Ned Bell on a bike

As Executive Chef at Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver, Canada, Ned leads by example with a seafood menu that is 100% consistent with the recommendations of Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise program and a staff fully trained on sustainable seafood.

chef-for-oceans-logoIn 2014, Ned rode his bike 8,700 km across Canada, hosting 20 events alongside some of the best chefs in the country, raising awareness of sustainable seafood and the importance of healthy oceans, lakes, and rivers.

Ned founded Chefs for Oceans with a goal of engaging and inspiring his chef peers and communities from coast to coast and has become a sought after speaker internationally at events such as Terroir 2015, Comox Shellfish Festival, GAA GOAL conference, MBA’s Cooking for Solutions, EAT Festival and Global Civic Public Salon to name a few.

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Ned has a very high profile in the media and is constantly showcased on national television programs, in magazines and newspapers on sustainable seafood. He is a huge supporter of Ocean Wise, Sea Choice and WWF Canada and regularly donates his time and talents to supporting their events across Canada. In December 2014, Ned was awarded the Canadian Chef of the Year from Food Service and Hospitality magazine’s 2014 Pinnacle Awards.

Ned is also one of the driving forces behind the campaign asking the Canadian government to designate March 18th as National Sustainable Seafood Day. He has used his influence to recruit other chefs to support this initiative and has hosted three National Sustainable Seafood Day events in Vancouver (2013), Ottawa (2014) and Toronto (2015).

Ned leads by example in his restaurant at the Four Seasons Vancouver where his predominantly seafood menu is 100% Ocean Wise and his staff have all been trained on sustainable seafood.

Ned manages to fit in numerous television and other media appearances on a weekly basis. He is passionate about his mission at Chefs for Oceans and has dedicated much of his professional and personal life to inspiring others chefs to learn more about their seafood choices, to care about our oceans.

What local and/or international partners does Ned Bell work with?

Vancouver Aquarium Ocean Wise, Sea Choice, WWF Canada

Ned has also participated in MBA’s cooking for solutions and collaborates with other internationally recognized sustainable seafood champion chefs such as Barton Seaver and Rick Moonan.

Ned led a group of international chefs, suppliers and media to the recent Terroir program in Newfoundland.

How well does Ned Bell and his work demonstrate the qualities of the category?

Ned has become the go to chef spokesperson with the media in Canada for issues related to sustainable seafood. In addition he is bringing together groups of chefs to discuss sustainable seafood, healthy lakes, oceans and rivers. His bike journey across Canada last summer started on July 1 and ended on September 13. He hosted 20 dinners/workshops with collaborative chefs and had many opportunities to speak to the media.

In what ways has Ned Bell positively affected, or mitigated negative impacts of, the seafood industry?

Ned has been an inspiration with his peer chef community and is raising awareness on sustainable seafood. At Terroir 2015 he was one of the presenters and then the lead on bringing together a group of chefs, media and seafood industry to have a sustainable seafood workshop. Some of the group continued onto Newfoundland with WWF Canada, hosting seafood dinners, meeting with fisherman and talking with media. The result of the trip has been game changing in the government is changing the way the fisherman will be able to sell their catch on a local basis.

In what way could Ned Bell’s story inspire others and communicate successes achieved in sustainable seafood?

In terms of measuring change or impact from Ned’s bike trip across Canada from July 1 – Sept 13, 2015, Twitter stats show that #chefsforoceans had an exposure of 24 million, to an audience of over 4 million people. Ned had 24 television appearances, dozens of radio and media interviews and hundreds of conversations with people we met along the way.

Ned continues to have multiple media appearances every week and he is consistent in his messaging to consumers on asking where their seafood comes from to ensure it is from a sustainable source.

How would Ned Bell’s work serve as a replicable model for others who want to have a similar impact?

Chef for Oceans, led by Chef Ned Bell, is a platform to education, inspire and inform the foodservice industry and media on the importance of sustainable seafood. Ned is able to communicate through his food his passion and commitment to sustainable seafood.


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