Sea Pact logoFinalist, Seafood Champion Awards Leadership Category

Four years ago, six North American seafood businesses teamed up to form Sea Pact, a nonprofit dedicated to driving improvement throughout the global seafood supply chain. Now with nine members that include leading North American seafood distributors, Sea Pact has awarded 17 grants to 13 fisheries improvement projects in eight countries.

The six founding members were Albion Fisheries in Vancouver, Fortune Fish and Gourmet in Chicago, Ipswich Shellfish Group in Boston, Santa Monica Seafood in Los Angeles, Seacore Seafood in Toronto and Seattle Fish Co. in Denver, new members are A.C. Covert in Halifax, J.J. McDonnell in Baltimore and Stavis Seafood in Boston. Sea Pact works closely with three key NGOs—FishWise, Sustainable Fisheries Partnership and Ocean Outcomes—which together serve as their sustainability council. 

Group shot of Sea Pact membersSea Pact has demonstrated a successful model of collaboration, showcasing how direct business competitors can work together effectively. Their original mission of combining financial and administrative resources to fund improvement projects is rapidly evolving into an industry leadership platform with the potential for wide-reaching influence. By raising sustainability knowledge and engagement among the member companies, engaging peers within the industry to create external impact, and serving as a resource for industry expertise within the sustainable seafood movement, Sea Pact is leading by example.

In 2016, Sea Pact doubled the number of fishery or aquaculture improvement projects it funded over the previous year, and to date the collaboration has provided over $335,000 in direct support, with additional funds generated due to Sea Pact’s engagement exceeding $1 million.

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