2018 Seafood Champion Awards Guidelines for Nominations

NOTE: The 2018 nominations have closed and the information below is for informational purposes only.


Any individual, company or organization may submit nominations on their own behalf or on behalf of others. Candidates may be nominated by others or self-nominated. There is no limit on the number of nominations submitted, but we strongly discourage duplicate nominations from members of the same organization.

Nominees can be individuals, companies or organizations from the fishing, aquaculture, seafood supply and distribution, retail, restaurant and foodservice sectors, as well as other stakeholders in the seafood industry such as conservation, academia and the media.

As this is an international panel of judges, nominations must be submitted in English.

Award Categories

The Seafood Champion Awards are awarded in four categories:

  • Seafood Champion Award for Leadership
    An individual or entity that displays leadership by organizing and convening seafood stakeholders to improve the sustainability of seafood and ocean health.
  • Seafood Champion Award for Innovation
    An individual or entity that identifies and applies creative new solutions to address: ecological challenges; existing market needs; barriers to sustainability.
  • Seafood Champion Award for Vision
    An individual or entity that establishes a clear and compelling vision of the future that inspires positive change for sustainable seafood in technology, policy, products or markets, or conservation tools. 
  • Seafood Champion Award for Advocacy
    An individual or entity who positively influences public policy, uses the media to raise the profile sustainable seafood, or influences public discourse and engages key stakeholders by publicly championing advances in sustainable seafood.

How to submit a nomination

Submit nominations using the Seafood Champions Awards 2018 Nomination Form. Nominations cannot be edited once submitted, so it is recommended to have all nomination information prepared before beginning to fill out the form. You will need to provide the following:

1) Information about the nomination:

  • Nominee’s name, organization, website, and email address. If nomination is for an organization rather than an individual, please provide the name and email of the best person to contact at that organization.
  • Category for which you are submitting the nomination (Leadership, Innovation, Vision, or Advocacy)
  • Three independent references familiar with the work described, who can validate claims made in the nomination
  • Links to online supporting documentation (optional)
  • The nominator’s name, organization, and email address

Nominator’s information and all email addresses will be kept confidential. Websites, photos, or other supporting information about the nominee provided in the nomination may be included in a seafoodchampion.org profile page if the nominee is selected as a finalist.

2) Nomination supporting text: Nominators are required to answer five questions with short (150-words maximum) essays detailing why the nominee deserves to be a Seafood Champion:

  • In your own words, please briefly describe the work you are submitting this nomination for.
  • How well does this nominee and his or her work demonstrate the qualities of the category?
  • In what ways has this nominee positively affected, or mitigated negative impacts of, the seafood industry?
  • In what way do you feel this nominee’s story could inspire others and communicate successes achieved in sustainable seafood?
  • How would the work serve as a replicable model for others who want to have a similar impact?


  • Nominations open: Monday, November 13, 2017 at 12:00am EST
  • Nominations close: Tuesday, January 9, 2018 at 11:59pm EST
  • Finalists will be announced at Seafood Expo North America, March 11-13, 2018 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  • Winners will be announced at the SeaWeb Seafood Summit, June 19-21, 2018 in Barcelona, Spain

Judging of Nominations

Incomplete nominations and nominations for activities not directly impacting seafood sustainability will not be considered.

A panel of sustainable seafood stakeholders including former Seafood Champions and other experts will select the finalists and winners. Judges work independently and score each nomination based on its justification text and any supporting links provided. The top nominations in each category will be audited for accuracy before selections are made final.

Finalists and winners will be notified prior to the Summit to allow time for these Champions to create and distribute media releases and other outreach around their successful nomination.



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