Starting with a small Japanese-American wholesale seafood company in the late 1980s Stephen Fisher brings more than 30 years of industry experience to his current work. Stephen has been Sea Delight’s lead Asia Pacific Consultant and Regional Manager since 2012 and is now Director of Sustainability. He has successfully completed dozens of seafood factory designs and has implemented fishery projects worldwide. As project leader in may of Sea Delight’s Fishery Improvement Projects he has worked on promoting the use of circle hooks in the Vietnam handline tuna fishery and in helping develop community-based catch data collection systems in Indonesian and Vietnamese small-scale fisheries.

Now coordinating all of Sea Delights sustainability efforts, Fisher has helped Sea Delight to develop new FIPs in both Southeast Asia and South America. He also designed and assisted in the development of a new onboard Android-based photo-data collection application that is now ready for at-sea trials.

With the experience and training to complete both FIP Pre Assessments and Action Plans Fisher can now help Sea Delight to lead more small and medium-scale fishery FIPs and work directly with fishing communities. Steve lives in Nha Trang, Vietnam.

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