Pacifical is the global tuna market development company jointly set up by the 8 Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA) and the small pacific territory of Tokelau, to promote the catch, production, distribution and trade of PNA MSC certified sustainably caught free school skipjack and yellowfin tuna to consumers around the world.

Pacifical has been at the forefront of traceability since 2011 offering unprecedented traceability from consumer back to the moment of catch to all its partners. In 2018, Pacifical launched a tailored and comprehensive blockchain initiative covering all its MSC certified sustainably caught tuna. This innovation sees blockchain integration covering over 220 large fishing vessels MSC catch, the entire supply chain and chain of custody of about 35 million tuna fish caught annually in an area with a surface 40% bigger than Europe, and provides an unparalleled level of transparency and traceability unique to Pacifical to build the highest level of trust on the sustainability of the tuna catch.

All MSC Products from the PNA region carry the Pacifical geographical indication as clear representation of the origin of the fish and the end market’s commitment to support the small PNA countries economic development.

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