Australis logoAustralis Aquaculture farms and distributes Barramundi across the US marketplace. The company utilizes sustainable aquaculture technology, such as innovative water reuse systems and feeds to improve the environmental performance of its farms. As one of the world’s largest indoor fish farms, Australis is adamant about the high quality of both feed and fish, and works closely with several environmental groups to ensure consistency. The company supports its fishermen by paying better prices and advancing them feed and equipment, enabling them to better themselves and their communities.


Josh Goldman, CEO of Australis Aquaculture, oversees the company’s award-winning efforts to bring healthy, sustainable Barramundi to market under The Better Fish® brand.  Australis spearheaded the introduction of barramundi as a top culinary trend and offers a full line of fresh and frozen barramundi products to retail and foodservice markets which are available at more than 4,000 retail outlets across North America.

Josh is an internationally recognized leader in the sustainable seafood movement who spent the last 25 years developing innovative approaches to aquaculture, beginning in his dorm at Hampshire College. Goldman pioneered the introduction of tilapia in the US and founded one of first tilapia farms (Bioshelters, Inc,) in 1985. In 1990, he founded AquaFuture, Inc., which raised striped bass untill 2003.  During this time, he also helped developed North America’s first commercial marine hatchery for cod and flounder (Great Bay Aquaculture, Inc.) and consulted on improving the environmental performance of aquaculture on four continents and assisted clients in establishing direct sales and distribution relationships.

He has spoken extensively and been featured in more than 200 media articles on aquaculture and food security in the US and abroad, including a 2011 cover story of TIME Magazine.  He holds several patents on water re-use technologies and has served on numerious government and industry panels for the National Marine Fisheries Service, the US Department of Agriculture and the Seafood Choices Alliance.  He has also worked in conjunction with prominent NGOs and foundations including the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Chefs Collaborative, Environmental Defense and the David Suzuki foundation and has won numerous awards, including the International Food Technologies’ Boloffi award for Most Innovative Food Production Technology and the prestigious Seafood Choices Alliance’s “Seafood Champion” award.

Goldman has a BA in Aquatic Bioengineering from Hampshire College, in Amherst Mass, and completed a three year professional program in business strategy and leadership, in Berkley, California.

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