SeaWeb Ocean Videos

Highlights of the 2015 the Seafood Champion Awards and Seafood Summit

SeaWeb Ocean Voices: What Gives You Hope for the Ocean?

What Does it Mean to be a Seafood Champion?

SeaWeb Ocean Voices – 2016 Seafood Champions and finalists

SeaWeb Ocean Voices: Richard Boot, FishChoice

Ally Dingwall, Sainsbury’s

David Stevens, Crystal Sea Fishing

2015 Seafood Champion Awards Finalists Interviewed on Skype

SeaWeb Ocean Voices – 2015 Seafood Champions and finalists

Susan Jackson, International Sustainable Seafood Foundation

Steve Trent, Environmental Justice Foundation

Ken Toong, UMass Dining

Helen Packer, Anova Foods Fishing & Living

Bill DiMento, High Liner Foods

Toby Middleton, Project:Inshore

David Kellian, Pelagic Fisher and Seabird Advocate

T.J. Tate, Gulf Wild

Ayumu Katano, Japanese Sustainability Advocate

Ernesto Godelman, CeDePesca

Andrew Jackson, International Fish Oil and Fishmeal Organization

Steve Vilnit, Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Isabelle Aelvoet, Mars Petcare

Barton Seaver, Seafood Champion

Josh Goldman

Katie Miller, Sustainable Seafood Coalition

Momo Kochen, Masyarakat dan Perikanan Indonesia Foundation

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